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Shri. C. Visweswara Rao has grown from humble beginnings to a visionary. Spearheading a business conglomerate and helping people lead a socially productive and responsible life, he is one of the pioneers of critical infrastructure like ports, power projects, roads, dams and bridges in India. He has also transformed the maritime landscape of the country by setting international standards in port infrastructure. His pursuit of excellence has helped in envisioning a great future for the country and the group.
Shri. C.V. Rao is a global transformational leader and strongly believes in inclusive growth in a sustainable and trendsetting manner. He continues to inspire both the present and the future generations.



Industrious, his expertise and perseverance inspire his team to reach milestones and set new standards for this modern-age construction. His knowledge in mechanisation helped the port acquire state-of-the-art technologies that made it the most modern port in today’s world. His progressive methods and vision have always been the ‘Extra Edge’ that sets them apart from the rest.

MR. C. Sasidhar

Managing Director

Innovation, his creative excellence refined with productivity-oriented management skills makes the port unique in all respects. He is the driving force behind the project. With a background in Civil Engineering and the expertise of successfully running a group of companies, Mr. Sashidhar is also the guiding force behind his executive team. He leads his team with vision, innovation and creativity and continues to compete with world rising standards. Mr. Sashidhar has spearheaded the port with international standards of service, quality and innovative technology. His passion and progressive thinking have led to developing a Smart Port, that is now the port of promise and the pride of our nation.


Director – Principal

Ms. Nisha Bhakar has over two decades of experience in education at the level of strategy, policy and implementation. Ms. Bhakar has explored curriculum and pedagogy across various popular boards – CBSE, CAIE and PYP-IB. She has been involved in planning, designing and reviewing curriculum, developing and implementing teacher training focusing on a thematic approach to teaching-learning and developing resource material for Oxford University Press and Pearson Education along with the administrative responsibilities of running a school across various cities of India. Ms. Bhakar, is also engaged as an Advisor and consultant to CBSE and IB schools and has travelled around the world to understand the school and college systems in other countries.

She was awarded the ‘The Best Educationist Award’ in 2012 by the International Institute of Education and Management, Delhi and the ‘Eminent Educationist Award’ by the National and International Compendium, Delhi as well as the ‘Asia Pacific Global Achievers Award’ by the Global Achievers Foundation, Delhi. Reading, travelling and adventure sports, especially white-water rafting, are some of her areas of interest.

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